Sunday Style

My outfit was a collection of my favorite things
in my closet and the denim shorts inspired by Sea of Shoes. The rust colored top, sweater, tights and boots by Bonpoint. Cut off Denim shorts by J Brand. But the best piece of the day was the black felt hat by IKKS available at EGGY the coolest kids store in LA.

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I had a wonderful time during the Christmas Holidays just lounging around the house and playing with my new toys. Wanted to share a few of my favorite moments….

Meet LoveBug the coolest cat in the world. He spends his days lounging on a blue mohair chair which matches his eye color and wondering why I don’t take him to the cat shows…Oompa Who???

My favorite toys from the season: Jess Brown doll, hot pink heart diary, little metal figurines, fluffy white key chain and plastic little ponies are the best. My “little” collection fits in my purse. 

Still wondering why I can’t go to a cat show……

Tiny gold deer….

Hugs please….

Tiny Oompa….


Indoor Fun

My friends are visiting me from Los Angeles and we decided to go bowling. It’s fun to bowl on a cold winter day but I miss Oompa….Wish I could bring him with us….