Meet Annie Bolling…

1. Where do you live? Fairhope, AL

2. How long have you been riding? Since I can remember!

3. What is the name of your horse? Ofrenda

4. Where do you ride and who is your trainer? I ride at Accolode Farms with Holly Shepard and Dani Grice are my trainers.

5. What division do you show in? Children’s Jumpers

6. What is your favorite horse show and why? The Washington International Horse Show is definitely my favorite because it is in the city and you get to see so many famous riders.

7. What is your favorite horses treat? She will eat anything! Recently, I discovered she loves Doritos.

8. How many days a week do you train? 4 – 5 days a week.

9. Any other hobbies? Reading and hanging out with my friends.

10. What riders inspire you? Reed Kessler is definetly a huge inspiration. Along with my trainers Holly and Dani and other young pros like Hayley Barnhill, Brianne Goutal and Jessica Springsteen.

11. Who is your favorite designer? Tory Burch

12. Where do you like to shop? I like Forever 21, Ralph Lauren  and any tack shop!


Wonder Pony

Pensacola was a wonderful horse show!!! We stayed at Margaritaville Hotel and the weather was perfect. Pensacola beach is a hidden treasure with the white powdery sand and turquoise water. Oompa’s new nickname is “Wonder Pony” because he is smart, honest and brave. He is the perfect pony for me. It is obvious that he misses me during the week while he is boarded at the horse show. My favorite part of the show is running to his stall to say “hello” and giving him treats. Glad we are home for a few weeks before the next show. 

Sunday Style

Welcome to the PONY EXPRESS!!! My friends shot these pictures of me downtown during Christmas break. We were having the best time walking around the city and watching the trains. My fur toggle jacket and leopard leggings are from ZARA. The jacket is a tiny bit to big for me this year but will fit perfect next year. It was such a find because it reminded me of the Burberry jacket sold at Neimans this year. My mom and I are obsessed with walking around Neimans and getting ideas but only splurge on a few items. My boots are my old worn in favorite Bonpoint ones… Amazing that ponies turn up everywhere in my life…Even on the front of the trains.

Sea Treasures

I recently got my nails done with my mom and tried the Essie color “Turquoise & Caicos.” The color was so unexpected and fun we couldn’t stop thinking about it…Then we saw image of Grace Kelly winning the Oscar for “The Country Girl” and the color of her dress matched my polish. It looks great on nails and clothes. Obviously, we weren’t the only ones thinking about it because Spring 2013 is full of examples…

1. Laura Ashley ‘Mint’ Dress
2. Gap Pleated Dot Dress
3. Essie Nail color Turquoise & Caicos
4. Vertbaudet Sea Green Skirt 
5. Mini Boden Eyelet Dress
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Embroidered Tulle Jersey Dress


Meet Sydney Shulman…

1. Where do you live? Greenwich, CT

2. How long have you been riding? 15 years

3. What are your horses names? HH Narcos Du Marais, Little Lady D’elle, Eli, Ronaldo Q, Evolution.

4. Where do you ride and who is your trainer? In Greenwich, CT with Jill Shulman and in New Jersey with Stacia Madden and Max Amaya

5. What division do you show in? High Junior Jumpers, Equitation, Junior Hunters

6. What is your favorite horse show and why? I love Devon because it is on the fair grounds and it is a very historic show.

7. What is your favorite horse treat? Anything!

8. How many days a week do you train? 6 days a week

9. Any other hobbies? I love traveling.

10. What riders inspire you? McLain Ward, Laura Kraut and Beezie Madden