Meet Sophia Calamari…

1. Where do you live? I live in New Milford, PA but am currently in Wellington, FL.

2. How long have you been riding? I’ve been riding ponies since I was 2 years old.

3. What is your favorite horse or horses names? I own four ponies: Power Trip, Empire’s Paris, Smitten and Bewitching.

4. Where do you ride and who is your trainer? I ride at Little Brook Farm and train with Gary Duffy.

5. What division do you show in? I do the medium pony hunters and soon to be jumpers!!!

6. What is your favorite horse treat? My sister’s homemade “Cheese Treats”

7. What is your favorite horse show and why? Pony Finals!!! I love pony finals because it is so much fun and I get to see all of my friends.

8. How many days a week do you train? 6 – 7 days a week averaging about 10 ponies a day.

9. Any other hobbies? Gymnastics!

10. What riders inspire you? Victoria Colvin and Jacob Pope.

11. Who is your favorite designer? I love fashion but really don’t have a favorite.

12. Where do you like to shop? Ralph Lauren Polo or Delila’s! 


One Trick Pony

How funny is Oompa? The first time he pulled this trick was in 104 degree heat at the Brownland Horse Show. It was so hot outside and I thought the poor guy was over heating. Then he did it again at Pony Finals in Kentucky and at practice. Oompa sticks his tongue out any time he sees a camera!!! It has become a joke at our house that “Oompa” has his tongue out and is ready for his GLAMOUR shot…

Sunday Style

Good Morning…I wanted to show how colored accessories can make a black outfit come “alive”. The green sparkle clutch is by duex lux. It’s a color that is bright and fun. My mom bought the charm bracelet for me in San Francisco. The one from Life Size in Los Angeles is a similar style. The Bonpoint pink neon shoes and sparkle tights are a repeat from last week but they work well with many outfits.

Meet Laura Connaway…

1. Where do you live? Little Rock, Arkansas

2. How long have you been riding? I am a lifelong rider. I’m actually a forth generation rider of jumping and dressage horses. My family is from Denmark and I come from a rich history of riding. It is in my blood!

3. What are your horses names? I breed horses as well as ride, train and show them. Some wonderful mares I rode in Grand Prix classes have had several foals so I have two mares (Funny and Nova) and their offspring (Sunday, Dagmar, Hap and Quintard)

4. Where do you ride and who is your trainer? I keep my horses at my private farm in Little Rock and ride them there. I train with Spring Mill Farm (David Pellegrini and Emily Hertz) of Germantown, TN.

5. What division do you show in? I show in Hunter and Jumper divisions. I show Sunday (aka Quasar) in the AO hunters. I show Dagmar (aka Ceralena) in the jumpers. I have also shown in the Grand Prix classes and have Ceralena focused to excel there. I hope to show Quasar in the Derbies this year as well.

6. What is your favorite horse show and why? My favorite horse shows are the ones my horses settle into and seem at home; this year Gulfport is a great start!

7. What is your horses favorite treat? They all love Manna Apple Waffers.

8. How many days a week do you train? I ride 6 to 7 days a week.

9. Any other hobbies? I run a lot and have competed in many marathons. The Boston Marathon is my favorite. I also love fly fishing. I think I love most activities that allow me to enjoy the outdoors.

10. What riders inspire you? I am inspired by riders that enjoy all aspects of horsemanship and care about the happiness of the animals they are riding.


Denim Daze

Hi. I’ve missed you…The internet hasn’t been up to speed at our house. I picked these items out on Monday and we just got our internet back up and running…Really excited to share these fabulous denim items with you!!! Hand picked from all of my favorite stores…This month’s cover of Teen Vogue has the cutest denim vest and ZARA has a great one online that is not added to this board. Add a pop of color in your shoe or bag to keep it looking fresh…xoxo

1. J Crew Girls bicycle print chambray dress
2. ZARA Denim Hat
3. Anthem of the Ants Polka Dot Dress
4.J Crew Kids striped band trilby hat
5. J Crew Girls loudest bark tee 
6.  ZARA Quilted Denim Jacket
7. ZARA Plush T-Shirt
8. ZARA Cut work studded Belt
9. ZARA Striped detail denim bermudas
10. ZARA Floral Print Neckerchief
11. J Crew Girls’ Mila printed ballet flats
12. J Crew Girls Puma whirlwind sneakers