Sunday Style

Happy Sunday…I’m crazy about JUMPERS for Spring and Summer…Long or short it doesn’t matter because they are easy and stylish to wear. I picked up this polka dot Bonpoint jumper and gold jeweled flat during Spring Break and added the ZARA red beret (similar to this one from NYC Company). I’ve felt very French lately eating beignets and working on art projects. Next Spring Break Paris anyone???

Spring Break Mix

Happy Spring Break 2013…These are a few of my favorite things…Have fun in the sun mixing and matching all these fun items. I’ll miss you while on vacation. xo Zola

1. Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm/Pomegranate
2. Gucci straw hat with flora infinity trim
3. Sun Bum SPF 50+ Clear Zinc Oxide
4. Finger in the Nose Surfer Sunglasses Tortoise
5. Sun Bum SPF 70 Continuous Spray Sunscreen
6. Atsuyo et Akiko J’adore Beaded Bracelet
7. April Showers by Polder Stella Necklace
8. Bonpoint Basket Ochre
9. Simple Kids Pink Tassel Necklace
10. Missoni Two-Piece Bikini
11. SwimWays Pooligans Pink Dolphin
12. I Love Gorgeous Isis Bikini – Hot Pink Tulip Print
13. OndadeMar Eyelet Cover-Up
14. I Love Gorgeous Sequin Beach Bag
15. I Love Gorgeous Basils Beach Cover Up
16. Havaianas Kids Slim Fuchsia
17. I Love Gorgeous Printed Wheeler Playsui
18. Havaianas Kids Slim Gold







Sunday Wellington Style

Hi…I’m in Wellington this weekend watching from the International Club. I’ve had the best time seeing my favorite riders and friends, visiting horse farms, eating Juliet Reid’s home cooked meals and shopping. Hermes has set up the coolest store at WEF. I’ve been saving my Christmas money and was able to buy my first Hermes bracelet. It’s pink with the H in the middle…I LOVE it…In the first picture I’m wearing, a Bonpoint sweater and Gap sunglasses. While I was walking around WEF I was wearing: Bonpoint sunflower print top, gray shorts and (favorite) boots, Neige mustard colored sweater and Elephant bag from Lost and Found in LA. Great place to stick my iPad, pencils, wallet and journal…

Meet Taylor Gardner…

1. Where do you live? Birmingham, AL

2. How long have you been riding? I have been riding for 13 years…

3. What are your horses names? Valentino and Sarto

4. Where do you ride and who is your trainer? I ride at Foxlake farms and train with Allison Black, Mark Tompkins and Tim Maddrix.

5. What divisions do you show in? Children’s jumpers and Equitation

6. What is favorite horse show and why? My favorite show is Kentucky Horse Show because the facility is so pretty and I always look forward to taking my horse into the cross country fields.

7. What is your horses favorite treat? My horse will eat anything espesically loves it when I make homemade horse treats.

8. How many days a week do you train? Usually 5 days a week

9. Any other hobbies? I love photography – I always end up taking hundreds of pictures at each show!

10. What riders inspire you? Reed Kessler and Lillie Keenan

11. Who is your favorite designer? Ellie Saab, Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch

12. Where do you like to shop? I love going to J Crew and Urban Outfitters. I also find myself shopping online more and love and