Meet Reid Patton

1. Where do you live? Nashville, TN

2. How long have you been riding? I have been riding since third grade, and I am now a
    senior in high school!

3. What are your horses names? Lennon, Sincere, Acortaire, Tissem, Twisther, Von Dutch,       
    Bonita, and Salinger.

4. Where do you ride and who is your trainer? My ‘home base’ situation is very   
    complicated. I train with Tom Wright and Hayley Barnhill in the Hunters and Equitation, 
    and I train with Cara and Donald Cheska in the jumpers. 

5. What division do you show in? I show in the older large junior Hunters, the Equitation, 
    and the high and low junior Jumpers.

6. What is your favorite horse show and why? My favorite shows are definitely WEF 
     because I can show all of my horses, the weather is awesome, and I get to see my best 
     friend Chloe Reid every weekend (because I stay at her house). 

7. What are your horses favorite treats? My favorite horse treats are the Paddock cakes 
     with the gummy frogs or the s’mores. I am not sure if the horses like the s’mores ones, 
      but I think they are so cute that I feed them to my horses anyways.                  
8. How many days a week do you train? My training really depends on my schoolwork and 
    the location of my horses. I can train 0-5 days a week depending on the situation.

9. What are your other hobbies? I love anything to do with leadership and service, and so I 
    am president of some service clubs at school as well as the student council secretary.
    I also love fashion, and so online shopping is my addiction. Chloe Reid will tell you that 
    even though I have zero skill at singing or dancing, I love to do both!

10. What riders inspire you? I am inspired by Reed Kessler because of how much she has
      accomplished at such a young age and Ben Maher because he is such an effective      
      rider and has a beatiful position.

11. Who are your favorite fashion designers? My favorite designers are probably Alexander 
       Wang and Helmut Lang because they are so innovative with design shape and 
       material. I also love Azzedine Alaia and Pheobe Philo.

12. Where do you like to shop? I shop a lot in the summer when I am in Nantucket at Milly 
      and Grace and a store called Gypsy. When I am not in Nantucket, I am constantly 
      shopping online at Shopbop, Rebecca Taylor, Rag and Bone, AG, Tibi, Helmut Lang, 
      Intermix, and the list goes on!

Sunday Style

I really love delicate floral prints in my summer wardrobe. This yellow Makie sundress was paired with pewter glitter Bonpoint tights, blue Hunter rain boots, and topped off with a orange straw hat by Scotch R’Belle. Makie in NYC has the best collection of these prints in there designs. My mom and I love shopping at this quaint store in SOHO because the clothes are amazing and they have the cutest collection of handmade toys. My first week of 4th grade and I already have a French project due next week. Wish me luck…XOXO Z

Crunch Time

My first week of 4th Grade has been great meeting my new teacher and seeing friends again. It’s the best feeling in the world to get out of school and head straight to the barn to start riding. This pony had just been eating some kind of yummy mush right before I took him out of his stall. Look at that cute little small pony face!!! I am thankful to spend time at the barn after a long day of school.

Sunday Style

 Zola’s Post was late for the Sunday Style edition but today was the last day of summer vacation and I enjoyed it to the fullest… Tomorrow I start my first day of fourth grade and my schedule will be a delicate balance of homework and riding.  I convinced my mom to buy a favorite tank top of the season by Ralph Lauren. I wore it with a Zara denim vest, Bonpoint yellow jeans, and leopard flats from Gap. This Ralph Lauren horse print top will rock with every new piece for Fall 2013 and it won’t be the last time that you see it!!! Thanks mom for my “Back to School” clothes…XOXO Z

Meet Sunnie Heers…

Zola’s Post wants to introduce Sunnie who has a online blog called Modern Girl Nutrition. It is a healthy living blog and most of her recipes are vegetarian. I’ve been following her for about a month and she has the best ideas for healthy treats. Her other passion is horseback riding, writing, photography, cooking, and sharing her recipes which is why her blog is fun to follow. I hope we can meet each other one day!!! She inspires me to eat healthy…Make sure you check out all of her cool recipes. 

1. Where do you live? Las Vegas, Nevada

2. How long have you been riding? 13 Years

3. What are your ponies names? I ride and show two medium ponies their names are Lego and Buddy and they are awesome!

4. Where do you ride and who is your trainer? My dressage trainer is Charlotte Nielson of Cooper Ranch. My Hunter Jumper trainer is Judy Nielson of Aspen Hill Farm.

5. What division do you show in? I show Second and Third Level Dressage on Lego, and Training level on our new guy Buddy. Last year I competed in the medium greens at USEF Pony Finals as well as the USEF Pony Medal Final. In the past I’ve shown in Jumpers, Hunters, Equitaion, and Three Day Eventing! They’re all so different. I’ve always loved the adrenaline of eventing and jumpers, but have come to love the Dressage and Hunters, too! Switching between the disciplines can be tricky, but I love the variety!

6. What is your favorite horse show and why? USEF Pony Finals is my favorite horse show . The amazing venue, the atmosphere, the golf cart parade and other fun activities, and the huge arena make it amazing. I’ve been blessed to have been able to compete in 2009 on a small green and 2012 on Lego. I also went in 2010 to watch a friend! Last year, we drove from Las Vegas to Lexington, KY with Lego! It was quite the road trip!

7. What are your ponies favorite treats? The ponies love watermelon, peppermints, and bananas. They are pretty much vacuums and eat anything!

8. How many days a week do you train? I ride the ponies 6 days a week, and they get Sunday to lounge and sunbathe.

9. Any other hobbies? I love photography, painting, blogging, long distance running, fashion, and writing.

10. What riders inspire you? There are too many to list! Lille Keenan has always been an inspiration, as well as Reed Kessler! I also think McLain Ward and John French are fantastic riders. And of course my trainer, Charlotte!

11. Who is your favorite designer? Valentino

12. Where do you shop? Abercrombie and Fitch, H&M, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and definitely my sister’s closet.