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Dappled Grey featured this post written by Alexandra Keeling Thompson (aka Zola’s mom)

Style Spotting at WIHS: Katharine Page Sandals   Katharine Page Del Mar

The Washington International Horse Show is definitely a place to spot the latest fashion trends inspired by the equestrian lifestyle. While telling my friends at the barn that Zola and I were headed to DC for the show, one of my friends cried out, “Please call me and tell me about any new vendors!”  I smiled when she said that because nothing could be more true – it’s part of the experience of being at this stylish, world class show. We watched the top-riders in the sport compete, dined at some of the best restaurants, and of course, we shopped.

Walking the concourse at the Verizon center is always an exciting shopping experience because you never know what you will find around the next corner. The first thing that caught me eye was an elegantly designed pop-up shop selling fine leather sandals crafted in Portugal. I spotted a pair that had Swarovski crystals up the front, perfectly named the “Palm Beach” and I had to stop in to find out more about this company.

Following in the footsteps of other designers who look to our sport for inspiration,Katharine Page actually has the unique advantage of being a equestrian herself. Searching for the perfect pair of stylish, comfortable sandals she one day decided to create the perfect shoe incorporating the iconic stitched designs from her tack. A smart equestrian entrepreneur, she combined her loves of horses and fashion by launching the business at her favorite horse shows. In the quest for comfort, she discovered a wonder material called poron, a thin material applied to the sandal’s insole to retain bounce and support.

Katharine names all the sandal styles after the different horse shows that she competes in across the country. My favorite style was the “Hampton” that had white leather detail on the front and back of the shoe. My friend and I both bought a pair and I’m calling my barn friend ASAP to tell her about this new vendor at WIHS that will surely be talked about for years to come. Her pop-up shop is a must see at WEF this year.

Style Spotting at WIHS: Katharine Page Sandals   Katharine Page Hamptons

Style Spotting at WIHS: Katharine Page Sandals   Katharine Page Keswick

Style Spotting at WIHS: Katharine Page Sandals   Katharine Page