Grand Prix Hermes of Paris 2014

Honestly, I can’t think of anything better than attending The Grand Prix Hermes of Paris. First of all, the venue is none other than the elegant Grand Palais, which hosts many of Chanel’s fashion shows. But on March 14, 2014 it hosted some of the top Grand Prix riders in the world. This showed the audience what equestrian show jumping is all about. 

The images that spotlight horses flying over jumps, with the Grand Palais windows in the background, transform these beautiful creatures into living artwork. Reed Kessler of United States piloting Ligist during Le Saut Hermes Team Prix. 

Marcus Ehning of Germany on Cornado NRW won the Grand Prix Hermes during the third day of the Grand Prix Hermes of Paris at Grand Palais on March 16, 2014 in Paris, France. 

The horses reminded everyone that they were the real stars of the show, wearing bright orange Hermes horse blankets, into the ring to collect stylish show ribbons, they seemed pleased with their hard work. Congratulations to the riders and horses for putting on a wonderful show!!! 

Wrap It Up…

It’s official the small pony search 2013 is finally over…I tried a lot of cute ponies but I met my perfect match and his name is Mr. McGregor aka Radish. My sweet dad said that we could buy him for my Christmas present and I am so thankful. He is adorable and has blond hair like mine. I can’t wait to take him to horse shows in 2014.
My new website is going to have different interviews with riders, fashion, and other equestrian posts stay tuned for more fun adventures from Zola’s Post…

Time Travel

Neiman Marcus in downtown Dallas had the best Christmas windows that I have ever seen…They put up a interactive “time tube” for kids to crawl around the outside of the store and then wraps you around to become part of the window display. At the end of the tunnels you are able to slide out of the side of the building. Lowe and I could have spent the whole day playing at this flagship store. We met Santa, played upstairs in the kids department, and looked at all the sparkly shoes. My mom had to get us to leave after spending 1/2 the day there. Did Jane from ‘Sea of Shoes’ start her shoe obsession shopping at this store? hmmm, I am thinking YES…xo Z