Classic Silk Bow

Bows or hairnet? My mom and I decided to keep wearing bows for the rest of the year!!! Since I’m 10 years old and we think they look really cute with my riding outfit. It takes extra time for my mom to braid my hair but I think it’s worth it.Emi Jay for Chris McMillan makes the best silk bows this year. They are simple and elegant but some of the designs are in vibrant colors that look wonderful against my show coat. Honestly, the huge bows that they sell at some tack shops are just too big…
Navy and black is one of my favorite color combinations which looks great in the ring. But we couldn’t resist and bought them in every color to wear during the 2014 show circuit.
Emily Matson and Julianne Goldmark started the company when they where 14 years old. Inspired by the T.V. show Gossip Girl they decided to design affordable hair accessories. Even though they are CEO’s of a multi-million dollar corporation they still plan on going to college. Oh, and I forgot to mention they give 20 % of their earnings to charities. 

Waterman Winter Wonderland

My Aunt Meg owns Etc… a  jewelry store in Birmingham, AL. She carries the coolest jewelry lines from all over the country, along with select clothing items, and handbags. 

Last week Etc hosted a party for jewelry designer Cathy Waterman. It was a special night because Cathy and her daughter Claire flew in from Los Angeles to attend. 
The store windows were decorated for Christmas and became the perfect backdrop for this magical evening. The windows were inspired by Alice in Wonderland and designed by  Ariana Nakata and Emily Hughes who both work out of Los Angeles.
The red flowers in the window looked stunning from the street. But I couldn’t wait to go inside and see all of the amazing jewelry.Oops, I got side tracked by the candy bar inside the store. I couldn’t resist all of the colorful candy and yummy snacks.I was super excited to meet Cathy Waterman and her daughter Claire because I had heard so much about them. Claire was wearing one of her mom’s ruby necklaces and had on bright red lipstick. Of course I loved her style right away!!! 
Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay till the end due to an overload of 4th Grade homework but I was able to stop by the candy bar again before heading home. It’s not too late to get a special piece from Cathy Waterman for Christmas at Etc they are all so special and unique.

Time Travel

Neiman Marcus in downtown Dallas had the best Christmas windows that I have ever seen…They put up a interactive “time tube” for kids to crawl around the outside of the store and then wraps you around to become part of the window display. At the end of the tunnels you are able to slide out of the side of the building. Lowe and I could have spent the whole day playing at this flagship store. We met Santa, played upstairs in the kids department, and looked at all the sparkly shoes. My mom had to get us to leave after spending 1/2 the day there. Did Jane from ‘Sea of Shoes’ start her shoe obsession shopping at this store? hmmm, I am thinking YES…xo Z

Holiday Cheer

Marie-Chantal festive gift guide is packed with adorable ideas for the Holiday season. My favorite pick is the burgundy Gretel dress that will keep shimmering long after the Christmas lights have faded…xo Z

Sunday Style

Happy Sunday: I’m almost out the door to see The Hunger Games Catching Fire. My friend and I have been talking about seeing it all week…I’m wearing a black star jacket by H &M (sold out), with a long sleeve cream t-shirt by I Love Gorgeous, with my favorite jeans by Seven for All Mankind, and my super cozy sliver ballet flats by Bonpoint. xo Z