Fabulous Finish

Mr. McGregor and I really enjoyed our time at The Devon Horse Show. I wanted to share these pictures that The Book LLC took while we were there. We didn’t get any ribbons but had a wonderful time experiencing the show for the first time together. He is really funny in the model and tries to take a nap!!! The pony hunt team is a class where you dress up with 2x other riders and there ponies and try to jump in tandem at the end. Mr. McGregor was not having it and started going crazy fast around the ring. Our theme song was “Happy” but the only one who wasn’t happy was my sweet pony. Oh well, live and learn…

Brownland 2014

YAY…tomorrow is the 2nd weekend of  Brownland Horse Show in Nashville, TN. I’m dying to see Mr. McGregor (aka Radish) and give him a carrot. I’ve missed riding him this week and I’m excited to show in the small pony division. Brownland Farm is beautiful in the Spring with all of the flowers in bloom. It’s my favorite place to spend the weekend with my pony and friends. XO Z

Grand Prix Hermes of Paris 2014

Honestly, I can’t think of anything better than attending The Grand Prix Hermes of Paris. First of all, the venue is none other than the elegant Grand Palais, which hosts many of Chanel’s fashion shows. But on March 14, 2014 it hosted some of the top Grand Prix riders in the world. This showed the audience what equestrian show jumping is all about. 

The images that spotlight horses flying over jumps, with the Grand Palais windows in the background, transform these beautiful creatures into living artwork. Reed Kessler of United States piloting Ligist during Le Saut Hermes Team Prix. 

Marcus Ehning of Germany on Cornado NRW won the Grand Prix Hermes during the third day of the Grand Prix Hermes of Paris at Grand Palais on March 16, 2014 in Paris, France. 

The horses reminded everyone that they were the real stars of the show, wearing bright orange Hermes horse blankets, into the ring to collect stylish show ribbons, they seemed pleased with their hard work. Congratulations to the riders and horses for putting on a wonderful show!!! 


Mr. McGregor and I spent the last two weekends together in Gulfport, MS. We really had fun showing in the small pony division. I have been a horrible blogger lately because of a huge project due in school this week. Every night I have to work on “color my world” and have no time to blog. The good news is that my country is France. I’ve learned a lot about the country which is the fashion capital of the world.  I’m dreaming of attending fashion week and The Gucci Masters there one day….XOXO Z

Masters Grand Slam Los Angeles


The Third stage of the Masters Grand Slam Indoor will take place in Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center, September 25th-28th, bringing together spectacular sporting action and lifestyle entertainment.

Los Angeles, CA. February 21, 2014 – EEM World, the creator and organizer of the Masters Grand Slam Indoor, the world’s most prestigious indoor Show Jumping events that include the annual Gucci Paris Masters and Longines Hong Kong Masters, announced today that Los Angeles will host the first American Grand Slam.

The Los Angeles Masters is a unique event concept combining the best of show jumping, glamorous entertainment, and luxury lifestyle over three days of competition and show at the Los Angeles Convention Center on September 25 – 28, 2014.

Modeled after the Grand Slam in tennis, the Masters competitions are broadcasted to a global audience of over 500 million homes, making it the most televised show jumping competition in the world.

Christophe Ameeuw, founder and CEO of EEM World, commented “Horses are my passion and it is my

dream to bring the wonderful and spectacular sport of Show Jumping to the forefront of the international

sporting scene. With the Los Angeles Masters we are fulfilling our American dream while adding a third continent to our global event concept.”

Recognized by both the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and the U.S. Equestrian Federation as a CSI 5* event, the American leg of the Masters Grand Slam Indoor will put Los Angeles on the

international equestrian scene as the 25 best riders in the world compete for a total prize money of 1 million USD.

The Masters Grand Slam Indoor combines world-class equestrian competitions, fine dining experience with the cuisine a Michelin Star Chef, exquisite luxury shopping, art and lifestyle entertainment across three days.

Organized in the most influential economic and cultural capitals of Europe, Asia and now the U.S., the event will welcome close to 30,000 spectators and offers unparalleled networking and social opportunities for worldwide elites, global institutions, luxury brands, celebrities and industry leaders.


Charitable giving is also a very important element of EEM World’s Masters. The organization will announce a charity partner to benefit from the LA Masters later this year.

“As an American rider I am very proud that such a high class sports event is finally coming to the US. I have been riding at the European Masters Grand Slam – the Gucci Paris Masters – since I was 16 and I hope that all American riders join me in LA for this spectacular competition”. US Rider Reed Kessler

“I could not be prouder, being from California, to have the spectacular American Masters Grand Slam coming to LA. I am currently in Hong Kong participating in the Asian Masters Grand Slam, for the second time and I am sure that it will again exceed my expectations. Great sport, entertainment and a Prestige Village featuring some of the best brands in the world.” US rider Richard Spooner noted.

Additional information regarding ticketing and entertainment acts will be available in the coming months.