Fresh Start-Up

My family and I went to the Farmer’s Market in Rosemary Beach, FL during Spring Break. They had wonderful fresh fruit and veggies but my favorite find was “The Pampered Princess” bath bombs. I love fresh smelling soaps, lotion, and body scrubs and these are 100 % organic. The coolest thing about the company is that it was started by a young girl who wanted chemically free products…How cool is that…Be sure to support this awesome new company. Below is her companies mission statement:

The Pampered Princess was started by 16 year old Madison Stevenson. Madison had to change her lifestyle forever after she discovered a loved one was too sensitive to use such harmful chemicals on a daily basis. Now Madison and her family have turned completely natural and organic. Madison started making organic soaps as Christmas gifts. Soon after business was booming! The Pampered Princess is always growing. Our philosophy is that you can be a healthier you by switching to organics. We believe in fresh ingredients, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits. We believe in homeopathic healing and aromatherapy. Our goal is to show people how easy it can be to use all organic products, starting with the soap you put on your skin every day!