Meet Isabelle Aldridge

1. Where do you live? Atlanta, GA

2. How long have you been riding? Since I was seven (I’m 14 now)

3. What is the name of your pony? Katiedid Bessame (Kizzy)

4. Where do you ride and who is your trainer? I train at home with Hidden Still Farm and trainer Helen Hamryka, but I show with Finally Farm and trainers Jack Towell and Liza Boyd.

5. What division do you show in? Large pony hunter

6. What is your favorite horse show and why? Blowing Rock because it is so close to the quaint old town, I can just walk everywhere! I also have family up there and it’s fun to see them.

7. What is your horses favorite treat? I would have to say nickerdoodles, but soft peppermints come in close second. 

8. How many days a week do you train? three – four days a week.

9. Any other hobbies? I love to read, play piano and play flute.

10. What riders inspire you? Reed Kessler and my trainer Liza Boyd.

11. Who is your favorite designer? Michael Kors

12. Where do you like to shop? Aeropostale, J Crew, and all the little boutiques around Atlanta; there all so unique!