Meet Salter Hydinger

1. Where do you live? Mountain Brook, AL

2. How long have you been riding? I have been riding for 4 1/2 years. My mom rode growing up and she took me to ride my first pony when I was 2.

3. What are your horses names? My horses names are Mustique and Honor. Their barn names are Tiki and Audrey. Audrey just turned 6 years old.

4. Where do you ride and who are your trainers? I ride at Foxlake Farm in Birmingham, AL with Allison Majerik Black, Mark Tompkins, and Tim Maddrix.

5. What division do you show in? I showed Tiki in Children’s 14 and under until this Fall and now in unrestricted 3′. Audrey I got this Fall and have just started showing her in Pre-children’s.

6. What is your favorite horse show? Brownland is my favorite horse show because I know lots of people and it is a beautiful place.

7. What are your horses favorite treats? Tiki’s favorite treat is grapes and Audrey loves carrots. 

8. How many days a week do you train?
4-5 days a week.

9. Any other hobbies? My other hobbies are golf, wake boarding, and hanging out with my family.

10. What riders inspire you? Victoria Colvin inspires me because she works hard and is very successful working with different horses.

11. Who are you favorite designers and where do you like to shop? One of my favorite designers is Scotch and Soda and LuLu Lemon. I love to shop anywhere with my mom.